Monthly Update – Jun 22

Image by tigerlily713 from Pixabay

Wow, another month over and we are now half way through the year. Its been yet another terrible time with the economy and the markets all over the place. My net worth just keep dropping and I just wonder where this will all end up.

I have my nice new windows and they are so much better. I didn’t realise how bad the cloudiness of the old glass was until the new windows were in and the clarity was so obvious. The glass is low-e which also means that there is a coating which reflects some of the solar heat back so the rooms are not getting so hot where this glass is now fitted. This is good in the summer but in the winter I will miss out on the solar heating effect of the winter sun. I just hope that any central heating I have use instead is retained within the house.

I have tried to keep a positive mindset but have struggled a bit this month with all the doom and gloom doing the rounds on the media and the hype being stirred and generated.


Just the usual income from rent, some ISA and share dividends and some online work. Not a a great amount but now that interests rates are rising I am noticing that my cash savings interest is now starting to pick up. My expenses have been more than my income this month due to paying for my new windows but overall I am still within budgets for the year. I will just need to watch my expenses, especially as the cost of living continues to increase my spending on food, fuel and utilities.


The windows are paid for and alongside some other expenses as a hang over from my recent holiday I have tried to keep a check on them. The cost of living means I can see my food bills going up and I am looking at how to cut back on things to enable me to remain within budget.

Month End Summary

With my net worth dropping and cost of living rising, I am worried how this will affect my long term plans. I will continue to monitor and find ways of making some cash and cut my costs. I want to spend time doing some fun things over the summer. I will just see how it goes. I have overspent a little this month and will have to compensate in future months. I have a few more ex work colleagues looking at giving up work. They are fed up of the grind. All the sh*t that has happened over the past 2 years has really got to them and there is also a rumbling of job cuts so some are looking to jump before they are pushed. The economy is in a mess and I just wonder where this is all going. I am tired of the sh*t myself and feel worn down and tired of all this. I am trying to find things to do which get me out and about at low cost and make the most of the summer weather before the season changes and the cold weather is upon us again.

I sound a bit gloomy and that is down to the constant media grind. I am trying to avoid it and just keep a light check on my investments and try not to get disappointed at the loss of worth and the lack of growth. At least I have some passive income from dividends and interest from cash. I have another NS&I savings certificate interest payment in July and that is going to be at 7.2% which is the best interest rate I can expect to see on any of my investments this year when my overall worth is tracking -8%.

I just need to sit tight and try not to get too down from all this. Keep calm and carry on.

4 thoughts on “Monthly Update – Jun 22

  1. Fairly new to your site (via Weenie) however, I enjoy reading your updates. The market declines are causing most of us in the PF, FIRE or whatever Community you want to call it- some form of angst. I hear you regards the media, we did not have the Social Media back in 2008/09 to compliment the mainstream media with the doom and gloom during the last market bear/recession. I wish I had the answers for what to do in this market, personally I’ll just keep DCA into the market- for now!

    Regarding your ex-work colleagues, it might be worth them holding out for redundancy payouts instead of just leaving the workplace.

    Thanks for posting,


    • Thanks Lee, glad you enjoy my updates. I think some of my colleagues are crunching numbers to see what they will get. I try not to be doom and gloom but I have bad anxiety and this is sometime the place to vent and then just carry on with the journey.

      As I see dividends come in I start to relax a bit and try to get my passive income to support me.

  2. Seems like the main bit of advice we all should be taking (including myself) is to avoid all the doom and gloom in the media and try to keep calm and carry on. This all will pass, we just need to see it out…

    • Indeed, as I write this, we have the ‘fun’ of the MSM going on about who will be the new PM – a distraction from the actual job of running the country and solving the economy problems. -” Blame it on Boris…”

      And.. the heatwave and how we need to prepare and cope with it…

      It will indeed pass and I just need to keep that stoic view. Have a good July!

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