Monthly Income – 2014

This is how 2014 has started, its looking at bit better but really need to look at how I use my savings and also generate the best income.


Some of the dividend income has been great, mainly because of special payments from one of the companies. This will not last so need to look at increasing my shares and spreading this income generation across a range.

My savings interest is really poor, really need to look at this, it just goes to show how poor the interest rates are at the moment.

I am 35% up on last year, so my rental income and dividends this year have really made a difference. Also shows how savings accounts are just not doing anything.

I will end the year with a better passive income that I’ve had before. This increase is due to my share purchases and their resulting dividends. Next year will be worse as the one share that has paid out very well this year has done so due to special dividends which they are not planning to do next year.

I need to look at a better place for my cash as this has been very poor this year.

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