Vanguard SIPP

I have received an email from Vanguard to say that their SIPP is nearly ready.

I have been waiting for more info on their offering in the UK. It’s been a long time coming and am interested in moving my SIPP from another more expensive provider to Vanguard. I am currently holding Vanguard units in my SIPP so being able to do this directly and benefit from the Vanguard low fee service will be great.

Has anyone else registered interest in the Vanguard SIPP?

Is anyone else looking to move to them once they open the SIPP?

According to their email info, the account will open next year but the drawdown function for over 55’s will not be in place for another year. That’s not a problem for me, I have a few years until I reach 55 so have the time to invest and wait for the drawdown option to become available.

I will soon be leaving my job so will be looking to move my company pension from where it to a place where I can have more control and choices.