Monthly Savings Percentage 2016

The start of a new year, I managed to get to a 64% monthly SR up to the point I stopped working. I started my new job at the beginning of this year and receive my first salary at the end of Jan. Back to the world of work while I restock my funds:

Jan 2016 – 63%    A great start to my working year. I wonder how long this can be maintained before bills come in and start hitting the baseline.

Feb 2016 -65% A short month and a low cost one. I am trying to live as I did when not working and that means I have learnt to keep my costs right down and stop following the herd of workers and buying lazy meals and consuming stuff I don’t really need.

Mar 2016 – 63% managed to keep up the savings rate this month

Apr 2016 – 58% starting to drop now as other expenses start to kick in.

May 2016 – 58%

Jun 2016 – 55%

Jul 2016 – 52%

Aug 2016 – 46%

Sep 2016 – 46%

Oct 2016 – 48%

Nov 2016 – 48%

Dec 2016 – 51%