Useful Books

After reading a few blogs I noticed a few FI-ers out there listing the books that most influenced them, maybe even started them on their way along the FI path.

Below are books I have found useful, I will add to this list as I get the time:

A Girl’s Best Friend is Her Money

This was the first book on finance I ever read. It was when I was not feeling very comfortable in my relationship with my BF at the time, he was pretty useless with money. As soon as it come in, it was gone. He never opened his post, red letter bills would arrive and I seemed to be the one expected to sort them out. He thought money grew on trees and that his parents would help him out when the going got tough. I really didn’t know where most of it went, although I do know that large sums were going into his pension fund on a monthly basis – equivalent to half my take-home pay. How much was going out in commission to the salesman who sold him this pension, I am not sure and never bothered seeking the answer to.

It has some great chapters on stages in life and even about splitting up which became a section I wore the pages out on. I planned my escape and when the relationship ended, I had the means to buy a house and start a-fresh. Without feeling as lost and unprepared as I could have been if I had not read this book. A great read for any women out there who needs to get to grips with finance. I still dip into this book to read different chapters when I am looking at that specific life stage. It’s a bit out-dated now and could really do with being brought up-to-date (it talks of PEPS, and limits that were applicable when the book was printed, etc) but the core principles are there and provide a good foundation from which to grow financially savvy.


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