February 2016 – Update

A bit late but I have completed a round up of my month. In summary, my net worth has dropped due to the stock market volatility.

Using MoneyStepper’s spreadsheet as a guide, since the beginning of the year I have lost net worth so for the ¬†year I am down -0.15%.

That’s not too bad considering. Now that I am saving heavily again, I am maintaining a 60% saving rate each month. I am stashing some cash ready to invest in some more shares. The prices are not quite right for me to buy, I would like them to drop just a little more before I do take the plunge.

In Feb, I received a few dividends and rental income so I am ticking over reasonably well from a passive income viewpoint. I want to focus on getting more passive income so that I can really make a move out of full-time work and into a variable work/life balance.

I hope that March brings better weather and better conditions to enable my FI funds to grow.