December 2018

Wow, another year nearly over.

Where has the time gone?

I look at my investment accounts and I am lucky if they break even based on their net value at the beginning of the year. This uncertainty in the markets has hammered my investments. It’s depressing, I have been adding money monthly into my account and yet the overall net value is equal to the beginning of the year.

Its things like this that make the FI path a challenge. Trying to stay motivated and not allow these setbacks from getting me down.  I so want to give up my current job and escape the rat race. The bullying, toxic workplace continues to grind and everyone I speak to is not happy in their work. I have a new boss who is trying to bring change but he seen just the same barriers as I do. He is wondering if he has been sold an ‘pup’ too. The company talks but doesn’t act and follow through on its ‘plans’.

A positive to end the year, I have just received a nice tax rebate, only to use 1/3 of it to pay my tax owed in January. They give and take back in almost equal measure…lol….

I will be glad of a break and rest at Christmas. I have had an awful virus(flu) that has knocked me for six and I have struggled to work and tried to keep going. It’s a struggle to get out of bed but I try hard to keep moving. It’s lasted 3 weeks so far and I still haven’t shaken this yet. There has to be an end to this soon.

A happy Christmas to those who read my blog posts. They have been intermittent this year as my focus has been waning and I need to regain my mojo and focus on reaching that elusive FI goal.

Some New Year goals to set and keep in 2019!