Reading Matter

I have been trying to de-stress and I have been doing that by reading. I have been reading the following two books and trying to follow some of their advice. FIRE still burns inside me. I am on the journey and researching and checking that I am on the right route.

Your Money or Your Life – Vicki Robin (Click Here)

I have been reading the updated version. I have been using the calculations to determine where I am on the path. I have also tried to encourage by partner to read it. He’s a spender and although he is changing his ways he still has habits. Ones that only he can personally change so hopefully this book will open his eyes too.

Early Retirement Extreme – Jacob Fisker (Click Here)

A classic FIRE book. Who else can provide you with examples on achieving the goal.  I am not young and trying to reach FIRE by 30. I am in my 50s and just want to give up work and span the years between now and my state pension age when I can collect my state and company pensions. I have plenty to be grateful for and I wish I could be more DIY like Jacob. I have worked hard and now want to look at doing things that are non-money earning but bring me happiness.

Skills :

I would like to learn more skills to self-serve. I am chuffed as I managed to change an electrical socket and a broken light switch the other week. Electrics was something my old partner was good at. That is the only thing I miss about him, his skills at sorting out electrical issues – LOL !

Plumbing and general skills to help with saving costs on house maintenance would be great for me. I can paint, tile, lay carpets, make curtains, put shelves up but things like electrics and plumbing are a “black art”. Plus the government are making it harder for people to do DIY by creating rules over what must have certificates and proof of tradesman installation or servicing. etc… etc…

Trying to find a good tradesman to come and do these types of jobs is getting harder too as they know they can pick and chose their work. It is easier for me to find someone to build a new house extension that fix a broken tap!

The madness of life and today’s society?

What books are you reading?

Are there ones you could suggest I read?

Let me know in your comments….

New Tax Year – New Me?

Well, I have been very quiet and not really posting much, mainly because I have been keeping my head down and just working (in the hell hole) and saving hard.

I have started receiving my tax certificates and also my letter reminding me that I need to start filling in my tax return for last year. So I have started to collect the relevant paperwork and looking at the values its looking good.

Its been a hard year for me, work has been traumatic, resulting in lots of pressure, a change in boss and constant toxic management politics. Observing the senior management decision making (or not) is just driving me mad. My illness in Jan resulted in days off work (unpaid) and lots of flack from the managers  (‘How dare I be ill’)  !

My only positive is that when reviewing last year’s savings I have done well, saving over 60%+ of my income. I have fully funded by ISA last year and put quite a bit of money into pension schemes to collect tax relief and any allowances while I am still working.

I am now seriously thinking of leaving work, the pressure is building again as the project I work on reached its final stages! Yes, nearly there!!! I just want to see this go over the finish line – its been a marathon and being so near the end – I just want to walk (stagger) over that finish line rather than admit defeat with just yards to go. I can at least feel some kind of achievement and ‘success’ then I can leave it to someone else. The new boss is bringing change, which is fine – no problem with that, its just that its slow due to the office politics and lots of pressure and threats to cancel holidays and performance reviews are flying around. We have lost (dismissed) rather than gained people which is putting more pressure on those that remain – as everyone fears for their job. I have had no holiday this year (just the odd day plus the recent bank holidays) and have 2 weeks booked off in a few month’s time and I am being told that they can make me cancel it and work!  (So unfair) Morale is at an all time low.

I cannot tell if it is just threat or real. Can I just refuse and leave with immediate effect? Is this possible ? What are the rules under employment contracts? My contract is pretty bland, just says I have to give x months notice…Some of my friends say I should ask for a cut in hours but that will not fly. Time to pull the rip cord.

I am becoming ill again which is my body telling me its time to go. I keep feeling guilty for leaving others with the burdens but – hey – I have to think about myself now. Stop thinking about others, its me !  I need to look after me ! me ! me!