Net Worth

I have plotted my net worth using my money app.

Since I split from my ex, I have concentrated on the FI vibe in a light hearted way. It was the push from my redundancy the other year that started my more driven approach to FI.

I am glad to see that I have been increasing my net worth rather than it being a flat-line.

Over the past 6 years my net worth has been growing slowly, if I had been pushing it earlier on I could have a much bigger net worth and very likely be FI by now!

Seeing this has spurred me on to try and grow this however I can. It would be great to utilise this to generate income for me so I can give up my current day job, pick and chose when I work in the future – freedom indeed – I can dream.



I thought I would post an update to my net worth, I am quite chuffed with the increase.

My end of 2014 update to this is that I have reviewed by net worth given my movement of investing from income funds to index trackers. Headline figures below:

2012 =  0 – baseline

2013 = 30% net worth increase from 2012

2014 = 25% net worth increase from 2013 – great given my job insecurities and economy.

2015 = 8% net worth increase from 2014 – so far so good.

2016 = My net worth has dropped. I am in plateau mode.

2017 = My net worth is slowly increasing.

2018 = My net worth is increasing at a better rate, see below. I have focused on re-organising my investments and its paying off.

2019 = My net worth is moving in the right direction, let’s see where this year goes…..


Keep plugging away while I am working and I should get there! A dream come true – phew! When that day comes, it will be a day I celebrate big time!

** Net Worth is calculated excluding DB pension and property assets.

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