Countdown continues

I am utilising one of my holiday days to have some time out of the office. Not long to go now until I leave.

It’s great, I have been able to have a lie in and not having to be outside scraping the ice off my car and making my way to work. I know its a novelty at the moment and the honeymoon period will wear off but having some time out will be good for my mind and my body.

I had real pangs of regret the other day as I had my last meeting with a supplier that I have enjoyed working with. It’s a real shame, they have been the only good part of the working day. They have a great set of employees, a good work ethic and they have such passion and motivation. They work hard but love their work and are appreciated by their management team.

I need to focus on the future and where I want to go and I what to do next. I have signed up for a career change session to see if I should move away from what I am doing. I don’t feel happy with what I do any more so need to have a deeper think about what I should do next. I don’t get my state pension until I am 67 and I don’t have the 35 years NI contributions to qualify for a full pension so will need to do something to build up the qualifying years, I have over 10 years of working life ahead of me from a state pension viewpoint.

I want something that provides a challenge and fulfilment. While I write this I hear on the radio that yet more companies are cutting staff as the impact of competition and globalisation bites hard. The race to the bottom continues.

Right, off to get some chores done, update my finance spreadsheets and make the most of the lovely cold but sunny, blue sky day.






Jumping off the cliff

After talking about it all year and other posts on how my job is a nightmare and stressing me out. I have finally pulled the plug – I HAVE QUIT !

“Life is not worth it if you are suffering in a job you hate.”

They are strong words and I have heard them said a few times this year but I have finally reach a point in the job where I feel I have completed my goal and achieved my aims within the scope of the job. I have successfully launched two new ecommerce websites for my employer. They have a great system now that they can use to create their other brand sites – so my personal goal is completed.

I have been working stupid hours and had no real time off and that has shown with minimal posts here on my blog. I have been working, working, working. Any down time I have tried to spend out and about so my blog has suffered.

It came as a shock to my line manager  (I think? Рhard to tell as they are so slimy and untrustworthy). I have had enough of the sh*t and I have had enough of the toxic culture. I have fought through the indecision and achieved the deliverables even though the path has been arduous Рa bit like aiming for FI!

I don’t have another job to go to, so it will be a chance to recover and recharge my batteries and decide what to do next. That is NOT the normal(expected) way to leave a job! But why take the easy route?

I could do with a change of scene. I wonder about going back to a coder or data analyst role where there seems to be plenty of opportunities to work part-time. I could work from home and cut out the commute. My current role doesn’t seem to offer that option – they are all advertised as full-time –¬† and the marketplace for what I do at the moment seems to be very competitive as I see media coverage of lay offs and redundancies – so the market is tough and with companies not wanting to invest at the moment due to the uncertainties of Brexit – I think I will be out of work for at least a year.

I have started taking my owed holiday and started cycling and spending more time focusing on ME!  After working hard, performing many roles to get the job done, I can now feel happy to move on and have a rest. I feel I have my closure.

My FI fund is growing steadily and I am not far away from my target. I can live off my passive income and if I can cut my expenses a little more (not incur any big bills) and shuffle my money around to get it working harder for me I can live without a job.

That was my main aim this year, persevere with the job, suffer it, hang out and squirrel the money away each month. I have been pushing a 60% saving rate each month for the past 12 months, adding money to my pension while I can claim tax relief on contributions. Once I leave I will look to move the employer pension to my SIPP and consolidate.

By Christmas I will be free from the man and can start the new year doing what I want to do for a while. I have plenty of house projects and I want to improve my health by cycling and walking more. I have even started to get my camera out, taking photos and inspiration for drawing and print making – am looking at side hustles!

To be creative you need the space to think, clear the mind and feel the juices start to flow. They haven’t for so long because they have been suppressed by the grind of work and the pressures of ‘the man’ and the prison of a micro-managing employer with spotlights constantly watching your every move.

I can feel the fresh air!