Monthly Update – Jan 2021

Image by tigerlily713 from Pixabay

Well, I spent Christmas with my partner as we are in a support bubble. It helped to improve my mental health as I was finding December and the lockdown really trying. We both found it improved our mental health and well being.

I attended my uncle’s funeral remotely, the funeral directors had arrange for the service to be broadcast over the internet. It was sad to not be able to attend, my cousin has said he will look to arrange a meeting to celebrate my uncle’s life later in 2021 when we can all actually meet. He is suggesting October.

I enjoyed Christmas, it is normally a quiet one for me anyway so it didn’t feel too different, other than the inability to go to a pub. The supermarkets seemed to be full and bustling and the social distancing was not evident so I would try to find quieter times to visit. As the 3rd lockdown began I remained with my partner. One positive of not working, I could stay and didn’t need to go back to my home. I have therefore been offline for the past few weeks and just chilled out trying to cycle, walk and generally relax and get my mental health back into a better place, avoiding social media and news. I have struggled to communicate and have shutdown some what so my posts are short and sweet at the moment.

I have had the EICR completed on my rental, it had been delayed due to the tenant refusing to allow the contractor in. At one point calling the day before the appointment to say they were isolating and therefore the visit had to be cancelled. The test has now been completed and it failed, I have to get the failed item fixed so that a certificate can be provided. It needs to be in place by the end of March 2021. Luckily the work can be completed in a day and power can be maintained. The contractor has been instructed to get the work completed asap. What is annoying is that the certificate lasts for 5 years but if the current tenant leaves I need to have a new one completed, even if the existing one is still valid. This feels like a money making cash cow for electricians and more red tape that makes me want to sell the rental property in the next few years. At the moment the rental income is useful.

On the investment front, my investments have increased this month and I now have a net worth greater than this time last year, YAY, so I have recovered from the falls caused by the pandemic and now starting to see growth and profit. This includes offsetting my current living expenses. I hope this continues and dividends have started to appear in my account which is a positive start to the year. I am about 6% up and I hope this will continue so I can relax and take the pressure off finding work. I am being picky on the work front. I am not applying for everything and anything as there is no point. I am being selective and continue to do my ‘gig’ work so I can at least cover some of my living costs.

I paid my tax owing for the Apr 20 tax year and await a statement from HMRC to confirm. I also need to look at what my tax could be for this year given I have just rental, some dividend and gig work income. I could claim JSA but I don’t want to be bullied into applying for every/any job so I need to look at how to get my NI contributions sorted so I can keep accruing credits for my state pension.

I have also received a letter from the NHS saying I can get a free flu vaccine. I need to see if they are still doing them, my GP has not contacted me at all. I need to see if a local pharmacy is offering them.

For COVID vaccine, I used an online calculator to see when I could qualify and it said August (based on 1 million vaccines being completed every week). I wonder when it will really occur? I have to wait and see. I think that means a holiday this year is out of the question. I moved my original holiday booking (in Scotland) to May this year – but that will now need to be moved, so depressing. I wanted something to look forward to.

Monthly Update – Dec 2020

Image by tigerlily713 from Pixabay

The year is over. Thank God that has ended as it is a year I wish to forget.

In December I managed to get my Christmas shopping completed and due to the release of lockdown I could travel to see my partner who lives on his own and so is my Support Bubble. So glad of a support bubble as I would have gone up the wall completely during December.

Financially, my net worth increased and I ended the year only 1% down overall. This is a relief given that I have been living off my emergency fund and watched my share and investments roller coaster over the year. I completed as much work as I could on the virtual ‘gig’ site and equalled my Nov total so that has given me some extra cash. With the additional workers on the site and the currency fluctuations, the site has changed its currency ‘fees’ so I am not getting as much £££s as I was due to the poor exchange fees they have now started to charge.

I have kept my expenses down this month and with lockdown, I have only been out to buy food & Xmas gifts. My job application failed, I didn’t make it to the last round of interviews and will end the year with no job. I will have to live off passive income and ‘gig’ work. With more people and ex-work colleagues being laid off and with the axe of redundancy over them I don’t expect to find a new job soon. I will have to start looking at other sectors where I can re-apply my skills.

I continued to match bet using free bets and have increased the funds. The total is slowly growing and I can use the funds to snowball the amount used for betting as time goes on.

My elderly uncle who has was admitted to hospital and found on testing to have COVID sadly died. So a virtual funeral has been arranged for January.