Welcome to my blog where I post progress and comments on my path to Financial Independence(FI).

I live in the UK, am in my 40s and have been looking at my life and how I seem to have been spending more of my time working and no time ‘doing things I love’. Yeh, its probably that ‘mid-life crisis’ that people talk about.

I started reading MMM and theFIREstarter and other blogs and realised that to escape the work arena I need to become FI.

It was so enlightening, I have been saving for some years anyway but not really taking it seriously. I always had an ingrained rule about no-debt. The break-up of my 20-year relationship and being made redundant has changed my mind on all this and made me realise I need to make FI my goal and release me from the work treadmill.

I should have started this years ago and I could have been spending my 40s in FI freedom. I have some catching up to do, let’s get going…


One thought on “About

  1. Hello,

    Found my way here through Cerridwen’s blog. Cool to see another UK blogger.

    Good luck! And given the graphic on the right, you are pretty close already!

    Mr Z

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