Jan 2019 – end of month update

Yay! At the end of a chilly January and although cold, icy and snowy outside, its been warm from an investments viewpoint.

My shares and funds have recovered from the new year values and they are both looking more shiny and the addition of dividends this month has helped to lift their totals nicely.

I have now maxed out on my ISA thresholds for this year so I will just let the last 2 monthly auto payments complete to reach the £20k max value. Using my taxable dividends to top-up my ISA.

I have received my reduced salary due to sickness, my employer only pays statutory sick pay, so I have lost 3 days of pay and received a flat rate £19 a day for the rest of my time off sick. That equates to £2.50 per hour = where does minimum wage fit in with this then GOV?

I suppose that is where having money in the bank helps! I have an emergency fund to draw on plus I am not spending more than I earn each month and don’t have to worry about an overdraft. It just means I will not have as much money to save this month.

Roll on when I can pull the plug. My net worth is looking good so I am nearly there. In US dollar terms I am already a millionaire. Now that’s a great feeling, still have some way to go until I can say that in British pound terms.

I just need to make it generate a better passive income return so I am not selling funds to obtain the income.

I have started reading ‘Enough’ by Jack Bogle, having heard of his death I though it was appropriate to read this book. He had such a positive outlook on life and its something I need to do myself, think positively and if I fall down, stand up, brush myself down and walk on… The path continues and the need to blaze that trail to freedom is still there.

Let’s hope this year can continue to see positive progress and that “B*xit” doesn’t shower havoc on the markets.