December 2016

I am very late posting but I have had a nice relaxing Christmas away from work. A whole week + a few days off work has been fabulous!

For some this is the normal, for me it is a luxury as my past employment meant that Christmas was peak trade so expected and have worked Boxing days and Christmas Eves quiet regularly.

Now I work in a sector that isn’t affected by that peak and it is so great to be able to have a whole week and a bit of time off and say – “have a great holiday, see you in the new year.”

I have neglected by FI updates too as the time has been spend doing other things and avoiding looking at the poor state of my FI funds. The Brixit rumbling continue and my funds just rise and fall with each and every day of debate and counter-debate.

I update my FI figures the other day and I ended the year up by 3%. not bad considering that ‘free time’ I had last year and that dent that made on my funds which i have slowly replaced this year. In comparison to the previous year I am up as I only made a 2% uplift for 2015. At least it is an overall rise, it could have been a negative figure compared to my previous year.

My dividends are down as my shareholdings reduce their pay outs and start to wonder what Brexit really means to them.

Only time will tell.




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