July 2016

The month is nearly over and I have been buzzing about at work getting some long hours in (no additional pay 😦  ) and having some successes by doing so. I am too conscientious some times and work too hard for ‘The Man’ and the bosses don’t seem to appreciate the additional effort – but you feel that if you don’t – you will lose your job! Yes, another boss who runs the company on fear.

I have not looked at my investments for a little while as they were plummeting so badly I just didn’t want to get depressed as my FI target slipped away into the distant future. I had a peek recently and they are just beginning to recover a bit. I should have bought some shares while the prices were low but didn’t venture into the market – just continued with my monthly ISA & pension investments  – I will probably be kicking myself in a few months – but I am holding back some money to live off – Why you may ask?

I have had the added ‘delight’ of being summoned for Jury Service. My employer does not pay me while I am doing this so I hope I don’t have to do this for long as I will be out of pocket. OK, with my FI savings I can use them to supplement and pay my bills while I earn no salary – but its a bit of a cheek to have to do this ‘service’ and have to survive on a nominal payment from the Court, which will not even cover my monthly housing costs never mind any other living expenses.

The only positive, is that I cannot be dismissed from my job while I am on jury service as this is seen as unfair dismissal and ‘The Boss’ can be taken to tribunal.

I am trying to stay positive and ride out the life journey for the next few months and try to get my FI plans back on track.

I will review my monthly status soon and really see where I am on my journey and see how far into the distance my FI target has drifted.


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