May 2016 – Update

My monthly update hasn’t been as depressing as some of the recent past. I have broken even with last month and my net worth has remained level overall.

My monthly saving rate is still running at over 60%, just, and although the investments still seem to roller coaster each week, they seem to be less volatile compared to recent months. Looking back to last year I am 6% down comparing May last year with this year. I am pushing money into my pension so that while I am working I can claim as much tax assistance as possible.

I have received my council tax bill and my monthly payments have gone up 41%! Yes, that’s a significant amount, in previous years it has only been a few pounds but this year it is quite a hike! I hope this pattern does NOT continue in future years.

I have tried to keep my expenses down this month and retain the money towards my holiday. Two weeks away from work! Hurray, I don’t feel guilty for having a holiday. I don’t have that duty to my employer any more. I have in the past felt obliged and worked hard, but now, I just do the minimum I can. Why should I when everyone else I work with storm out the office dead-on the finish hour!

So two weeks of bliss and relaxation calls. It will mean that next month with be an expensive one but hey! you need to have some fun while on this journey to FI. If you can’t have a holiday and some fun now and again there is no point. Time to spend reading and catching up on the things I have meant to do but have put off. Time to relax and live in the moment.



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