Net Worth

I have been quiet on the posting front. I have been busy working and I have found that my work has picked up and the ‘expectations’ are growing and I am now working more hours.

So over the past 3 weeks my working day has crept up from 8 hours to 10+ hours. I should stop and I will if the bosses start having a go. I have started to experience the ‘real management style’ now. I am now 4 months into my new job and the work load is picking up all the time. You end up feeling bullied into doing the extra hours to prevent being shouted at by the management. It seems to be part of the job role I do. Everyone I talk too seems to be just as pressured.

My net worth keeps heading downwards and it is driving me to despair as I want to raise the FI fund so I can escape the rat race and really find a new direction. I am investing money but the overall value is tracking downwards. I hope the markets start to pick up soon so I can start to feel like my investments are actually making a difference and that I am progressing along a path to FI rather than just battling to reach that ‘finishing line’.

One thing with working, my pension pot is growing as my employer invests into a pension for me and that is picking up now and my pension savings are looking healthy, even if my other investments aren’t.

Now the new tax year has started it will be good to see how the net to gross interest payments will affect the savings accounts. Searching our a good interest rate is now my goal. Keeping my emergency cash fund ticking over without inflation eating it to nothing is a priority.

Some research required in my non-work moments.





3 thoughts on “Net Worth

  1. Your last four/five jobs seem to have been pretty horrible and unstable from the way you’ve described them. Commiserations

    Why do you think that is?

    • Hi Neverland,

      Why have my jobs been so unstable? I think it is just the market and the way the sector I work in is going. I had a good job working with some great people in a stable company. I was pigeon-holed somewhat in the role I was performing there and that made me vulnerable, I was silo-ed. A new regime moved in (new management) who just kicked the existing middle managers (of which I was one) out, through either dismissal or redundancy methods. Then imposed their own new team of managers.

      Unless I take a job in a totally far-flung area I cannot get a job locally that matches my experience and skill-set. I cannot afford to move. I spoke to one agent, he said my job role is now a dying breed and that I will struggle to find work, I need to try another sector and try and blag myself into another role and try and “learn on the job”. I have tried through networking to find other roles but they have proved to be temporary due to the financial struggles these employers have had to try and overcome, its the sector, it is very cut-throat at the moment and companies are going under ever month.
      Many of my ex-work colleagues have found it really hard to find another job, they are just so scarce and those that do exists just don’t want to pay or put you through so many ‘assessments’ and interview boards, you feel like a graduate/school leaver as your past experience does not count. I am just glad I have been able to find something. I am having to take whatever is offered, I don’t get a choice, its something bad or nothing at all.

      The way my life is going at the moment. 😦

  2. Yuk! As the saw goes “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” easily done when it comes to work, as I think I’ve managed to prove to myself 🙂
    At least you have a more recent yardstick with which to measure the compromises of the FIRE lifestyle and if you have the energy, prepare some mitigation.
    When all is said and done “the management” will be bellowing their baffled indignation that the world won’t conform to their idea of how it should work long after you’re back sipping tea in the garden next to a stack of library books.
    The volatility of your portfolio is largely out of your control, so best advice seems to be just don’t look at it!
    Keeping the cash portion of your stash above inflation is within your control. I don’t know of any better way than the TSB,Lloyds,Tesco,Santander 123 current accounts, with standing orders between them to meet the funding requirements and a couple of Tesco savings accounts to cream off the interest with DDs.

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