The cold snap arrives

I awoke to snow this morning, the first fall of the season. I guess it will not be the last! That put the brakes on my plan of going out for a bike ride. At least I got a good walk in yesterday, out food shopping.

I have had an enjoyable week at work, Wow…I haven’t said that about working for years! It must be just newbie will wear off at some point. I even found out that ‘the camp’ supplies free tea and coffee!! I have never worked anywhere where they supply you with a free stream of tea or coffee. You just go to the canteen and find tea and coffee pretty much on tap.

At all the places I have worked before, you had to either supply your own drinks and use a ‘camp’ kitchen or pay through the nose to get a hot drink either from a vending machine or from the on-site cafe/canteen/restaurant – either internally run or franchised.

With the cold weather comes the hassle of commuting as I have to use country roads to get there. I don’t have a 4×4 and will have to take it very steady to get there in one piece should the weather get worse. I have looked at hiring a 4×4, a snip at £300 per week! Working from home is not an option – although they may be persuaded possibly(?). It maybe that this is just a passing problem and I have no issue long term. I have been hearing more about my new ‘camp’ and it desperately needs to make some operational changes, they are missing their income targets, so this may not be such a great place to be long term. As long as it isn’t another sell-off and asset strip.

As well as the weather, there’s the chilly scene with the stock markets. I am glad I am back in a ‘camp’ working for a while. I can begin to save again and ride out the storm that is going on and not have to worry about seeing my freedom drawings and my investment worth be eaten away by the falling market. This is the time to be saving not drawing from the FI fund. My investment funds is now well below the ‘enough’ threshold.

The good point for this month so far has been the dividends received, I have received dividends from a few companies but didn’t realised I would get a payment from National Grid, so that has helped to increase my overall income this month. I even redeemed my online survey cash and received a nice £50 payment into my bank account. It will be nice when I receive my first payslip and see the money deposited into my account. Back to receiving an income rather than having to eat my savings pot.

I have been enjoying listening to podcasts. I listened to a mad fientist podcast and it was discussing the goals of FI. The difference between targeting FI to leave a bad job versus reaching FI to enable you to leave work for something better. I fell into the former category with my freedom last year. I didn’t have anything in mind when I left, I just wanted to leave the job. I have realised through my freedom phase that I need to work on my hobbies and other non-work activities and get to the point where I want to do those rather than work. I didn’t have enough strength in my non-work activities to keep me there, it did give me a great break from the hamster wheel and it did help me recover from either “work burnout” or “work grief” – whatever it was.

The lure of the ‘camp’ grew too strong and I’m back to earn more money and saving harder so I can aim for a better FI freedom phase in the future. I do feel refreshed from my time out and I do feel more motivated and have some freedom ideas and plans that mean the extra cash will enable me to achieve them – maybe next time the freedom will be more permanent. I have more drive to achieve the FI targets I have in mind and enjoy the journey there!


One thought on “The cold snap arrives

  1. The honeymoon period at work is always one to enjoy and if your first impressions are good then that bodes well. You’re right about the markets too. I’ve just had to cash in some investments and it hurts! Badly. Makes me feel the pressure that right now I should be buying, not selling, and goes against the grain (even although “I knew this would happen”!)

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