First week in a new Camp

Well, I have survived my first week in a new camp. OK, I call it a prison camp as it is work for ‘The Man’ after all but the place is actually really nice compared to my previous camp.

Maybe its the ‘newbie’ feeling but the other inmates seem friendly and open, there appears to be no hidden agendas and no office politics surfacing that is immediately obvious. The camp is very old school, with a small but busy team of people and everyone knows each other and works like a big family. Now, there could be some shake ups in the offing at the senior level soon but hopefully this will not result in an oppressive regime coming in. Its been a busy week and I haven’t really had a chance to get to know my office inmates well yet, I am one of four newbies and so we can share the experiences of being new and finding our way around and understanding the procedures and practices.

It has been a bit of a shock to the system having to get up for work but the routine, once I get into it will be great and having the novelty of clocking off at 4pm on a Friday is a new one for me!

I will be glad when I receive my first pay as my investment funds are getting quite a pounding from the market turmoil. My net worth is down about £16k this month due to the drop in the markets. That’s after receiving some dividends and misc income (online survey & topcashback payouts).

I have also received my missing pension statement and details on how to restart the policy. It now appears that to restart it I need to verify my identify so need to find a bank/accountant/solicitor to vouch for me as part of the policy restart request. Great! I work all week now so the only way I could possibly do this is by trying to find a bank that is open on Saturday that I hold an account with who may oblige in providing this ID witness verification. I don’t have any accountant/solicitor friends. All this to prevent money laundering and fraud. I am only trying to restart an existing policy. I may just leave it and just invest more in other accounts such as NISAs and individual shares. They could probably earn me more income and growth than the pension fund has and will, plus I would have easier access to the funds if I needed them.

As part of my New Year resolutions, I have started to download a set of podcasts to listen to and its great, there have been some interesting casts and I am really enjoying the switch off from mainstream news and TV. It enables me to continue to listen to some of the programs I had found while I was free from the camp. I am trying to maintain some of the freedom activities and blend them into my working life so that I get a better work/life balance and stop being the workaholic that I had been in years gone by. Its part of my goals to relax more and stop being so compliant to ‘The Man’s demands on my time. It will be interesting to review this after a few months.

In the meantime I will continue to practice my new routines and see how my finances look at the end of the month especially after I have paid my tax bill, its a nice Christmas ‘gift’ from HMRC – the letter arriving during the Christmas week detailing the tax due for payment by the end of January.



One thought on “First week in a new Camp

  1. Good luck at the new camp! I’m just burying my head in the sand over the markets right now, I just don’t want to look. But, like slowing down to peer at a car crash, I inevitably do. This then has the effect of reviving the little voice at the back of my head telling me I need to get back out there earning (or is that just my DOH?!)

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