Christmas tours

It’s that time of year when you catch up with friends and acquaintances that you haven’t seen for ages. That annual meeting to discuss what has happened and how things have changed since you last met.

I met up with some friends (a couple) I haven’t seen for about 14 months now. Our time slots just didn’t fit and when I was around, they weren’t and vice versa. This Christmas though I was able to catch up with them. One of them has just turned 60 this year and has decided to give up the freelance work and go back to a permanent job. He says he wants to earn some pension credits before he retires. He must have a reasonable amount of money, he must be in the “comfortably poor” scale as he owns 4 properties. Although I am not sure if most of his worth is in assets rather than liquid funds.

He had found that his freelance work has dropped off this year and he has had plenty of downtime and has struggled to find work. Normally, he has been really busy, even turning work away in the past, which is another reason why it has been hard to find a time slot when we were all available. So it was quite a surprise to hear that he has struggled to find work so much that he has now decided to move back into a permanent job and has accepted a role with a local company and starts there in Jan.

He is going to try it out for a while and may try and mix the permanent job with some freelance weekend working. He wants to gain some pension funds, i guess it is because he has been using property as his pension up until now. He has 5 years to try and build up a reasonable fund.

I am really surprised at the change as I always saw him as a freelancer right up until retirement. He follows a reasonably frugal path for all his investments in property. He is always careful with his money and seems to follow a FI style path. He was able to easily have time off and enjoy the breaks and live off passive income for small periods of time.

So we both start the new year at new jobs.



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