Back to the world of work

After having a freedom break for the past 6 months, I have now been offered a opportunity to go back to the world of work.

I don’t start working until the new year so I have a few more weeks of freedom before I have to set my alarm clock and join the commuters on the ant trail to work.

I am hoping that this will be a better place to work that the last job. Hopefully I will be treated as a person not a number. The place and the people I have met seemed friendly and welcoming, only time will tell.

I have enjoyed my freedom from the workplace and have had the chance to recharge my batteries and complete some things that I have been wanting to do for ages. I have learnt a lot about myself and that I also need something to occupy my day. During the summer months, I had plenty to do and activities to keep me out of trouble. What I have found is that I am still operating on the ‘live to work’ mentality and since the weather has changed and the summer volunteering activity season has come to an end, I have been looking for something to do.

People-watching is ok for a while but it becomes a little sad, sitting in the coffee shop listening to the vibrant table of retirees [who all appear to be retired from a single workplace, all in their 60s] having their weekly catch up and gossip.

All my workplaces have been at the other end of long commutes and my ex-work colleagues are all dispersed around the country and still working so daytime meet up opportunities are nonexistent.

So the lure of work has called and I have hopefully found a nice workplace. I know that if it doesn’t suit me, I can leave. I am not tied to The Man, I have a free-pass, I can leave the prison camp if I want to.

That freedom was a key goal of FI. The ability to chose to work and pick something that interests me when I do. I have started some hobbies that I had never found the time for before. It is now part of my routine and I can do them and still work. I have put the ground work in now during my time off and I can continue to practice and perfect them until they can become a side-hustle in the future.

I must finish my Xmas shopping and get ready for the new year. I am still following my FI path, growing funds when working and consuming them when I’m not.

Roll on 2016! A new year and a new start.


5 thoughts on “Back to the world of work

  1. Good luck and all the best in your new job.

    It was quite evident from your posts that you were not yet ready to stop working completely, yet the great thing was that you had the luxury (because of your investments/savings) to wait for the right role to come along before you stepped back into the workforce.

    The stockmarkets are taking a battering at the moment, so a good time to be earning and to be able to top up your investments and add to your pot!

    • Thanks Weenie.
      Yes, the ability to pick my work is so good. I am too much of a workaholic to give up working completely, too young for that! That’s the problem with very early retirement – unless you have someone else to share it with, it can be a lonely place. Having something to do each day is important to me, I have an active mind. I don’t have a good enough offering and network to work self-employed at the moment, I will keep trying. In the meantime I will try jumping on and off the permanent work roundabout.

      I have noticed that the stockmarkets are getting a hammering at the moment, my honey pot fund has taken a big dive this month. But working again it will mean I can get some more cash invested and add to the pot 🙂 Just because I am working, it will not distract me from my FI path and will keep my savings rate high and invest wisely and continue learning along the way.

      The freedom break has proven that I can live financially without work, I am FI. The extra income from working is a bonus! Icing on the cake 🙂

  2. Great news! I hope the friendliness will be genuine throughout the new company and you enjoy getting back into the working life again. Keep us updated on how it goes and of course, your investing adventures once you’ve got a salary coming in again!

    Best Wishes

  3. Best of luck and I totally empathise with your comments. I’m not finding “retirement” a cakewalk either, although I’m lucky in terms of my wife being really supportive and my social life as full as I want it to be. The stock market comes and goes, so I try to ignore it, but it’s another factor at the back of my mind that does ask the question “Shouldn’t you be earning?”!

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