Lucky me

After feeling a bit down recently with the change in weather. I have not been able to do my target twice weekly bike rides.  I have had a bit of luck strike to cheer me up this week. I have won £25 on my premium bonds and also received a cheque through the post for £100 after winning a runners-up prize in a raffle!

So £125 of misc income this month will be really useful. I can use this to offset my Christmas expenses. I have been trying to keep my spending on presents down to stay within a budget and bought a few the other day only having to contribute £1.35 of cash as I used points from a loyalty card! RESULT!

I also received an HSBC dividend the other day so a bit more cash to add to my passive income totals this month. I am just waiting to see what dividends I will receive next month as these should be released as part of shareholder updates soon.

And….I have just received another dividend from Unilever this time! So my dividend income this month is up 3% from last year. I thought that Glaxo would be paying out this month but on checking, they are due in Jan.


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