November Update

Well, I am now 6 months in to my ‘work freedom’. I don’t regret giving up my last job as the bully culture and lack of management resolution was too much to continue to work with. Respect for work colleagues is a key requirement of the office culture in my book. I want to enjoy my work not have to go in with a flak jacket and watch my back every hour of the day.

I met up with my old boss and ex work colleague last week and it was good to chat and catch up. My old boss is not happy with the way my last job worked out and has put that company on the ‘where not to work list‘. She has realised now how good her new job is and the office culture and environment is so relaxed and friendly. (My old boss is trying to get me a job there but there are no vacancies).

My ex work colleague talked about the reviews that have taken place at their firm and that everyone in the department has been given a poor review. The ‘you have survived‘ comment didn’t go down well either. It just shows how the workplace has changed. She says how everyone is fearful of losing their job. The fear exists as indiscriminate departures continue to happen on a periodic basis. The joy of work has well and truly wonder productivity is low if this is the case across the whole of the UK.

I also had the ‘fun’ of an interview the other day. I am not considering myself to be completely retired and if the right local job appears then I am happy to take it on for a while. I doubt I will get the job as it seems that the previous incumbent has left due to the pressure of trying to say ‘No’ to the directors, like spoilt children jumping up and down, they refuse to listen to the ‘plebs’ and want their way whether it is possible to achieve or not. I doubt I would last long there either but if they do offer it, I could earn some extra cash to fill my funds before jumping off the hamster wheel again after a few months. I think I am the ‘better than nothing’ option, although they would be worried that I could quit! (likely if they block me from having my 2-week holiday – which may just clash with the currently planned completion date for the project I would be assigned to – I wonder what my notice period is…….?) – Sounds like another bullying prison camp! I have left them to go hunting around the work network as they want to talk to someone who has worked with me before and get some feedback on whether I am worth taking on. The “boys club” at play in the job market again, the industry I work in is incestuous.

Its not what you know any more but WHO you know.


On the finances front, my ISAs have been converted by my provider and I have lost pretty much £20 on every fund conversion from the original ‘dirty charges fund’ into the new ‘clean’ equivalent. I have also lost my income from them this month due to the conversion, I normally get about £50 which is reinvested but this month I have only received £20. So yet another sting to the conversion. I just wonder what the new charging fees will be like next year?

Overall, even with these ISA hassles, my net worth has remained the same and I am sticking within my monthly budget, I am 12% up from the beginning of the year! I will probably over spend in December as it is Christmas and I need to buy presents. Although I was having a good chat with my partner the other day and he was saying how commercial Christmas is and how he hates the marketing pressure to buy stuff that is expensive – just to show how much you care for someone – when what really matters is the though! Now that could be just his way of saying he is not going to spend much money on me(!) ….or it could be that the consumerist lifestyle is finally beginning to wane and he too is becoming a convert to frugality and FI/RE.

He thinks his job is under threat too as new London based consultants have arrived to review the company structure and propose changes, he is worried that this will mean he loses his job as he is in his 50s and surrounded by younger more ‘adaptable’ types. He has been in this situation before at a previous firm when he was in his 40s and they made him redundant then, so what hope does he have this time? This has made him think about cutting his spending and looking at more ways to reduce his monthly expenses, he is pretty frugal anyway but he does get ‘gadget frenzy’ sometimes and buys new gadgets that he really does not need, just because he read a review on how good it is…Doh!!! He has just put some unwanted stuff on Ebay to sell so hopefully this will all help and be the start of a saving phase.

Now to get into the Christmas spirit and start looking at creating a relaxing Christmas day.


One thought on “November Update

  1. Hope your hubby is okay. Work is a different place these days. You read about how firms now look for experience, but is it really true? I suppose it depends on what you do, but I think a lot of the small businesses start ups we keep hearing about are launched by an older generation who can’t get back into corporate. Even if they wanted to.

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