Super Moon

One thing with not having to get up for work in the morning. You can see the super moon and eclipse and not worry about sleeping in the next morning.

I managed to get a few pics of the moon. My camera isn’t the best and I really need to treat myself to a new camera and a good telephoto lens but given the situation I can’t kick myself too much. Being able to actually see this with my own eyes was the best bit.

It is not visible to the UK again until 2033, I will be 65 at that point and I’m sure I will not be so fussed at staying up through the night to see it …or may be I will? Only time will tell.

Moon_BeforeMoon_phase2 copy

I started viewing the moon before it actually started to turn red so it was some time before the redness started to appear…

Moon_phase7 copy Moon_phase11 copy

My camera hasn’t the best sensor in the world. I bought the camera some years ago and the sensor technology has increased considerably since then. As the moon reached totality I couldn’t capture the image with my camera it was just a red blur. But seeing it was the most magical thing.

If nothing else, I can be grateful for being free from work at the moment as I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to view this spectacular event for its whole duration.


3 thoughts on “Super Moon

  1. Wow, those pics are amazing!

    This event completely passed me by, which I guess proves your whole point about the not working thing! Although I may have missed it anyway due to generally following the “low info diet”, even if I wasn’t working.

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