Card Protection Insurance

I had one of those card protection insurances under scutiny, mine was with Barclaycard. It was an automatic thing and it was given out free for the first year then automatically renewed. I had this for a few years until I realised it was a waste and cancelled it. I found that my house insurance actually covers the non banking part too, so I was double insured!

Anyhow, I received the claim form from AI and I dutifully filled it in and sent it back, today, I received my compensation cheque. I will pay this in ASAP, it comes with a tax voucher as the interest is taxable so if you are a higher rate taxpayer you will need to declare the interest. It was a nice surprise and helps to reimburse me for a few hundred pound.

I just need to look for a good place for this unexpected money so it grows 🙂


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