Autumn already

Well, this was the point when I would consider my views on working. I had planned to have 3 months off and see how I feel. I would start looking again and see what is on offer.

I have dabbled in the job pool and have applied for a few jobs in the last month but although some have led to interviews (some times multiple interviews) , none have actually resulted in an offer of employment. This experience has not made me feel desperate to re-join the workforce.

On the FI front:

I have run out of things on my current to-do list and now need to make another one. I have been watching my honey pot fluctuate below the FI threshold and then balance out at around the FI marker.

I have been focusing on cutting my costs and moving my money around to get the best growth opportunities. I have sold some shares in my ex-employer and now need to buy into another reasonable dividend healthy stock. I am watching the market and waiting for my price point to appear. I have put a few limit orders in already but the price hasn’t dropped enough yet.

In the mean time I have started to look at my FI routine for the next few months. Having sampled the interviewing process, I don’t have that big urge to go back into the work arena at the moment, and if employers are being picky over who they employ then why can’t I be picky over who I work for.

Autum Instead of worrying too much on the job market I have been outside enjoying the start of autumn and the autumn colours. Also attending the last of the sports events I enjoy as the season closes and the winter season begins. I have been out cycling, walking taking in the air and enjoying a few beer festivals. I have started taking my camera out to capture the jewel colours and have started to relax.

I have a wedding to attend in a few weeks time, so I have been sorting things out ready for that, a few days away in Newcastle. The only downside is that there are Rugby World Cup matches on at the same time so it could be a bit busy and hectic. As long as we can get taxis to/from the wedding venues to our hotel we should be OK.

I had an invite to meet up with some old workmates, they were holding a leaving do for a colleague who is moving to another job. I didn’t feel like going as they would only be talking about the office politics and stories that mean nothing to me any more. I don’t see them socially that much as I live nearly 30 miles away.  I don’t have any interesting stories to tell and with no job on the horizon they would only wonder why I’m not making huge efforts to find new work —- maybe because I don’t need to!

Life is short and I am beginning to realise that I need to get out there and do some of those things on my bucket list and also to not worry so much about the pressures of life and just live it.

The transition from working to non-working life can take its time to settle and it is still a roller coaster of emotions. From the fear of losing your job when you are an office slave – to the fear of running out of money when you are FI living.


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