The rat race… what is the lure?

I have had yet another interview for a job last week. I applied and very quickly received a call from the HR department arranging an interview within days. It all happened very quickly and I was told I would find out about the decision quickly too —- BUT —- I haven’t, it has gone quiet again.

Now, I think I answered the questions quite well. They told me lots about the workplace and the role and I actually felt sold on it. I had been a little unsure before I went for the interview as the job specification was not very detailed and so I wasn’t sure if it would suit me. Walking around the place and meeting the people helped to get a better view.

Now that it has gone quiet, I feel that this means that it is a ‘No’. Its disappointing as it seems that my ‘summer holiday’ is actually having a bit of a detrimental effect. Leaving my last job without having another one to go to seems to be being viewed in a bad light.

I haven’t been a sofa-surfer during this time, watching day-time TV until I could have this as my mastermind specialist subject. I haven’t been touring the world on a condensed gap year either! I am a hard working type and I have worked in an area that has meant working long hours and weekends. Why can’t I have a break and then re-enter feeling recharged and ready for the next challenge.

I was reading an article recently on a charity worker who was working long hours and was tired. They had a sense of pride in what they were doing – as I did in the roles I have had. I could agree with their comments on missing out on social meetings with friends due to workloads – or last minute crisis that meant you have had to be the person to go in (because others had said no).

What hit me was their comment — “I started to feel ill – nauseous with lots of headaches.”

That was ME! That was how I was feeling while working at my last place.  Their doctor said these were due to burnout and stress. They were signed off by their doctor, off work for 2 months at least, they have returned to work now – it looks like they were able to return to their original job and now actively looks for a healthy work-life balance.

They have learnt to toughen up and say ‘no’. (You should be able to say ‘no’ and not lose your job!)

Something I need to do too, but first I need to find the right job. It is frustrating at the moment, job hunting is a full-time job itself and finding that “right one” is even harder when you are competing with at least 50 others for each application. I will keep plugging on and see what happens, I will ignore the stock market affects on my net worth and keep searching for a new job. I am just glad I have my FI pot to support me.


3 thoughts on “The rat race… what is the lure?

  1. I’m sure you could paint your time off in a better light when potential employers ask you about it, you could say something along the lines of: ‘I’ve been taking care of some personal situations, and using my spare time to learn x, y, and z’

    • Oh, I had a good response for the time off part. It’s just that you begin to wonder what they think. A weakness of mine, I over analyse all the time ( I think my underlying reason for leaving was stress and burnout based on my health at the time – I now wonder if I can actually re-enter the rat race).

      The time off didn’t seem to worry them – not openly anyway, it meant I could start quicker than those having to work notice but I didn’t get the job – I have been called and told. 😦
      It’s an employer’s market at the moment, they can pick and choose as there are plenty of people looking – employers don’t want to train anyone, they pick the person who has the exact match experience of the job and take them on.

      Ah well…back to the beginning…keep searching….

      • I think you’re right about the employers not wanting to train anyone right now, there are actually plenty of jobs though, in some fields employers are crying out due to the lack of suitably skilled/qualified candidates

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