Investment rollercoaster

I was hoping the stock markets would settle a bit but they still seem to be running a rollercoaster ride. I have sat back and let them waver and have not invested any of my share sale amounts into the companies I am watching as their prices are fluctuating wildly from day to day. I do want to pick some more shares up at a good price though.

I have managed to buy a few shares with cash sitting in my share ISA. I bought a few Sage shares to top up the holding in there and currently these have increased in value since my purchase. I would like to buy some but I will have to wait a few months until the next dividend payments are due for this ISA account. Having the cash invested now will hopefully pay off in the long-term. Sage was one of my original dividend selections and it hasnt performed too badly over the years.

I guess the investment offices are just beginning to fill with workers now that the summer holiday is over and the kids are back at school. Sitting on that beach watching the stocks has now been swapped for the office environment. I hope that some stability and level-headed control can be implemented to calm the markets.


One thought on “Investment rollercoaster

  1. Personally, I’m hoping the wild fluctuations continue, as I’m yet to make this month’s regular purchase and I’m hoping that the prices will therefore be lower on that date.

    September is the most volatile month on the stock market, so fingers crossed!

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