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I have been reading the site for a little while now but haven’t tried any of the main menu plan ideas and thought it was about time I mixed in some of the main meal recipes. I love chickpeas and lentils so thought I would try out some of the recipes from meal plan 1.

I have just made the lentil soup and am pondering whether to make the chickpea crumble or go for my usual spicy chickpea (a cranks recipe  – book reference ). An old student friend of mine used to cook this as her staple dish. It was great and if you had leftovers and cooked those on another day, the flavours had infused even more and it tasted hearty and comforting.

The spicy chickpea recipe uses frozen spinach, chickpeas, tomatoes and some spices to create a comfort food dish which is great with flatbreads or rice.

I am continuing to focus on my grocery expenses and reduce them but also maintain my health living plan. I make my own yogurt saving on the cost of buying the equivalent quantity of yogurt from the supermarkets and enjoy making my own breads – mainly flatbreads and pittas. Although there is a fruit loaf recipe on Lesley’s site that looks interesting – it is listed in one of the later meal plans – may give that a go.

I have been batching up blackberries I have picked over the past few weeks so I can have a go at making my own jams/jelly as an experiment. I have also been looking for any ‘free’ apples while out on my bike rides. Still looking for a good source of free apples to join the blackberries. 🙂


2 thoughts on “ – recipe ideas

  1. In Lesley’s first meal plan there’s a lentil soup with carrots and a carrot soup with lentils, not to be confused! The latter was far superior in flavour.

    We’ve tried almost everything on the plans (currently on week 5) and the chickpea (chole?) and flatbreads was one of the highlights.


  2. I used the lentil soup one as the basis – but modified it by adding spices, garlic and a few other veg 🙂 I will give the carrot one a go – thanks 🙂
    Its great seeing the savings on the grocery bill and also eating well – I have read your post on progress and like you I am not sticking rigidly to the £1 per meal and menu plan. I’m mixing it up with my own meals in there for variety 🙂
    Glad its going well and hope you are finding some great ways to use this additional cash 🙂 The internet can be so useful some times!


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