BTL – update

The journey that is buy-to-let continues. I have been waiting for a detailed quotation for some maintenance work that needs to be completed. Now the agent had one of their tradesmen quote – that’s what I pay them for! manage the maintenance! – but they only provided a one liner with a price. Given the nature of the job, I said I wanted a full breakdown of the costs and also the quotation had been split into two visits with two call out charges. I asked the agent to request that the work be carried out in one visit (it was possible) and to get a detailed breakdown of the parts and labour charges before I agreed to the works.

Well, not really sure what has gone on but for some reason, the original tradesman was unable to provide the details (avoiding?), so the agent has obtained a quotation from an alternative tradesman, who has confirmed that they can complete the works in one visit and has provided a breakdown of the parts and labour and all this comes in at a 20% lower price that the original tradesman. Now I am not sure what is going on here but it does suggest that the original tradesman was taking the p***. I am just waiting for the agent to confirm that the works have been completed and that this will be deducted from next months rental payment.


3 thoughts on “BTL – update

  1. To be honest we’ve found it so much cheaper and quicker to find workmen for ourselves then rely on the agent. When we were paying the agent to sort things out for us we found that on at least one occasion we were quoted (and paid) for a job that wasn’t actually done (a thorough clean of the flat between tenants) and on another it took several months (yes months!) for a faulty fan to be replaced in the bathroom. We only found this out when we talked to the tenant when they left. We felt totally ripped off.

    I do accept though that we had a particularly bad experience with our agent and there are probably some very good ones out there.

    Good luck with getting the work done at a reasonable price and to a good standard.

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