Insurance renewals

I have just renewed my house insurance and yet again the renewal quotation has gone up – this time by 40% compared to going to their site and filling in the ‘get a quote’ form as a ‘new customer’ – all details exactly the same – other than the NCD years. I did a comparison quotation too so I can see what the prices are like across the other insurance companies before renewing to get the best value for money. I have saved myself £130 on the renewal quote price.

What I have noticed is that insurance companies are changing their websites so that they will hold card details and do automatic renewal next year !  If I don’t want auto-renewal I have to call them and have it removed from the account.

This is where these insurance companies are now trying to hold onto policyholders and rip-them off. I will be waiting for the new policy details to come through the post then ring their helpline and remove my card from the auto-renewal option. They are hoping to catch people who are lazy. I am not having this!

It is bad enough with car insurance, I bought that online and I cancelled my auto-renewal last year and bought a policy with another company. At the end of the month, I noticed that the old insurer had still taken my renewal payment and I had to call them to get a refund! They agreed that the account had a record of my call and the request to remove the auto-renewal but ‘due to a technical fault’ the payment was taken anyway.

Watch out when renewing your insurances online this year, especially as the insurance tax goes up in October so I am trying to get all my insurance renewed before this new tax rate is applied. Happy insurance hunting….  🙂



2 thoughts on “Insurance renewals

  1. I think all my insurance policies are all on auto-renewal so as soon as I get the renewal emails, I contact them to cancel. I always ensure that I receive an email from them confirming the cancellation, as I don’t want them collecting monies when they shouldn’t be, as they have in your case!

    I recently renewed my landlord insurance. I ended up insuring with the company I went with last year but purchased a brand new policy which was a lot cheaper than the renewal they quoted!

    • Hi Weenie, Its mad isn’t it that loyalty does not get rewarded and that you have to keep moving around to get a good deal. It keeps us all occupied looking for the best deals. 🙂

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