Net Worth – interesting results……

I have been continuing to fill in MoneyStepper’s Savings Challenge spreadsheet to see how I am doing.

I have not entered the challenge and have been using the spreadsheet to track my savings rate from the beginning of the year, now that I have given up my job, I have been looking at the Net Worth aspect and how that is being affected by the non-working status.

Interesting news, I had a net worth that was +9% YTD in the month I quit the job. I have just plugged in the figures for this month and I now have a net worth that is  +12% YTD. That is pretty good considering that I am in draw-down mode and yet my investments still seem to be growing which is a relief….

Some of this is due to my ex-employer shares which have risen again, up over £1 in the last few days, I receive another dividend payment from them soon which I will use as income. I have just sold some while they were ex-div as I need to diversify, just missed the recent rise too! Doh! 😦 …..Happy with the profit made though so cannot complain! Using my CGT allowances for this year to trickle out profits.

Although it is tempting to hold on to these shares, it means I am too exposed to one company and I cannot risk having all my eggs in one basket however good they are doing. I now need to move the sale funds into another investment in something that probably will not provide such a good income return but provide the diversification I need to secure my portfolio. I was going to buy some shares outside an ISA but the budget changes on dividend taxation may make it better for me to place the proceeds into an ISA wrapped investment. I need to do some number crunching to see if it really is a good idea or not – “to ISA-wrap or not”…?


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