State Pension and National Insurance contributions

I have received yet another NI contributions query from the HMRC. Yet more forms to fill in and return :/

When I was going through the redundancy wash-cycle last year, the payroll aspect of the sale was completely messed up by the selling parent company. It resulted in the HMRC system having duplicate records – suggesting that I was employed in TWO identical jobs with the same company with the same employee ID at the same time. This caused the HMRC system to generate a negative tax code and also trigger NI contribution queries. It took a while to sort this out with the respective departments!

I have now received yet another form requesting details on my employers and employment dates. It looks like they think I have had 4 employers in the last year, plus a duplicate entry for one of them. I have just spent some time digging through all the paperwork to get all the details to fill in this form and return – again.

Given this confusion on my NI contributions, I thought I would direct this back at them so have requested an NI contributions record and details on my State Pension forecast. I want to know how many years I actually have and how many I need to be entitled to a full State Pension. I was contracted-out for a few years, so this will have an impact on the State Pension I will be entitled to so want to understand what I will currently qualify for and if I remain in the world of FI freedom – what can I pay voluntarily to top up.

It will be interesting reading when I get a response – one for a future post πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “State Pension and National Insurance contributions

  1. My NI contributions record from HMRC doesn’t show the contracted out years as opposed to the contracted in. But it does show I only need another year of NI to get my 35 in. I have 11 years or so to do that, although I don’t aim to be employed for any of them so maybe I have to let that last 1/35th go πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the info, Ermine. I am interested in knowing how many years I need to achieve my 35. I think I am about 13 years short, I hope that the statement will confirm this. πŸ™‚

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