My 1 in 100,000 chance

While out cycling the other day I was lucky to see an albino squirrel I managed to get a good look before it ran off up the nearest tree. There used to be one living at the local reservoir where I go cycling (I had seen that one too) but it hasn’t been seen in months – I don’t this is the same one, this one looked too young. I had a quick look to see what the odds are of finding one and its 1 in 100,000. so my luck was in.

A nice spot that I wouldn’t have had if I had been stuck in the office jail. Oh, the benefits of freedom.

I also bumped into the local wildlife trust guys and had a chat and they gave me a leaflet about helping out. Unpaid work but a chance to met some local people of a like-minded nature. The free-o-meter is starting to kick in and show the benefits of not working. I had a look at the wildlife trust website the other week, their part-time paid jobs are not suitable as I would have to work at the weekends and I would like these free – I will keep an eye out though to see if there is any part-time working going in the future that suits.

That is one of the benefits of an FI fund, it provides that buffer that enable you to have choices. It gives you the breathing space so you don’t have to rush in and take the first job that turns up or continue to work in a role that does not suit. Bliss…  🙂 🙂


2 thoughts on “My 1 in 100,000 chance

  1. Fantastic. Not sure on the odds but I got stung by a wasp (I think) on the lip while out cycling on Friday and spent the weekend nursing a swelling that made me look like the elephant man…not such good luck!

    • Hope you have recovered now UTMT 🙂
      I’ve been getting lots of flies deciding to deposit themselves for a swim in my eyes which doesn’t help – and that is while wearing sunglasses to try and prevent it from happening… Ah well … at least we are getting out there and cycling!

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