Is it a seasonal thing?

I was going to go out for a bike ride today (trying to do at least 2 rides a week as part of a fitness routine) but its raining at the moment. Instead, I thought I would catch up on some blog reading. It is the summer and quite a few bloggers have been away on holiday so postings have been quiet over the past few weeks – every one is rightly enjoying the sun and hot weather either in the UK (where it is too rare and must be enjoyed when it occurs) and abroad.

Something I have noticed when reading the blogs recently is how many of the UK FI group have their birthdays around now. There seems to be a common thread to birthday notes in the blogs over both June and July – my birthday was in June – does that say something about us – is there a natural behavioral trait in Summer born humans that means we are more likely to be targeting financial security and freedom from the work treadmill?

Has anyone else noticed this one? Maybe it is the security thing?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that at school Summer born children are the youngest in the year stream and have to work harder to keep up with the older children? I am not sure if anyone had seen anything in educational research on this?

It just seems to stick out as a common theme. I used to have a boss whose birthday was 10 days before mine and he became disillusioned by work when he was passed over for a promotion so left ‘to become a day-trader’. Basically he decided he had “Enough” to give up the day job and go and do something else with his time – freedom from the workplace – playing golf. Last time I saw him which was some years ago now, he was happy and content and actually looked much healthier than he did when he was working – to give you an idea – the team endearingly called him ‘Mr Burns’ as he was stooped and looked like he had the pressures of the world on his shoulders. Not so after he had escaped the workplace.

Right, the rain seems to have stopped – so off to try and get a ride in.


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