Savings – frugality

I have been reasonably frugal with my living costs enabling me to save over 50% per month in the past. The main reason my savings rate was so high was because I don’t have a mortgage on my residential home. I only have a mortgage on the BTL and the rental fees cover this.

Now that I am not working I have started to see a reduction in my living costs as all those hidden expenses (coffee at work, etc…) have disappeared. I do occasionally shop at Aldi, it is not the nearest shop and so I only use it when I am passing by. Normally I walk to my nearest supermarket, so I did wonder how my local supermarket compared..

I thought I would compare the prices after my shop at Aldi this week, as I dropped in while driving by, I bought a few basics such as butter and milk. I have started making my own yogurt which means I have to buy the basic components which saves me about 50% on the price of buying branded yogurt.

The Aldi shop was as usual full and a big queue at the checkout as only 2 tills on. The shopping experience here is very much discount store – with you having to rummage around the store to find what you want. It is always a bit of an experience as although its a small store and you can see the walls clearly, it has signs up warning the customers about pick-pockets operating in the store and to watch your purse!!

Anyhow I used to compare costs with my local supermarket, for things like milk it was pretty much a match, the savings started to kick in with the other products, butter ( £1.49 Aldi v. £3.25 local supermarket). I treated myself to a pre-cooked whole chicken – a luxury as I don’t do this very often. This chicken provides a number of meals over the week and by buying it pre-cooked I don’t have to roast it in my oven or worry about the bacteria aspects, I just store it in the fridge. This cooked chicken cost £3.99 at Aldi at my local supermarket this would have cost me £5.

Overall my total Aldi bill came to £8.83, the same products at my local supermarket would have cost £13.19, as saving of £4.36!!! A pretty impressive, 30%.



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