Oh..those curve balls to rejoin the rat race

After my comments on freedom and how I am enjoying it and fighting off the fear voices (niggles – do I have enough? doubts – what happens if? ..etc..)

I have received yet another call from a recruitment agent about work…this one is a curve ball as the job is right on the doorstep, within a 5 mile radius. Wow…it ticks boxes on what I would like to do in a job if I went back to my past career. The proximity is a lure – am I tempted?

I am….quite tempted to have an interview and see what they and the place is like. They may not like me. It is likely to be full-on and although the agent say its office hours, I bet it will involve out-of-hours working due to the nature of the role. If you are working with people in different time zones then you will be working them too, checking emails at 6 am and late evening, etc. I did enjoy the crack of that type of work but it was pressured – can I cope in that deadline driven environment any more?

At the end of my last job, I was getting headaches and finding it a struggle to get into the office. It wasn’t as though I was under any work pressure, it was all in my head. The heaviness of the atmosphere there was so painful I couldn’t wait to get out of the door. It just didn’t fit, I felt the walls were closing in on me and I wanted to get out. Could this be similar? – Is it all sugar-coated and when you bite in you find a horrid taste?

Now reading a lot of the FI blogs including MMM, they all actually continue to work. Its just that they either do it via self-employment or on short-term contracts. enabling them to work to their schedule not The Man’s. They are not completely out of the rat race, they are just on another track, one that enables them to dictate their time and give them the autonomy that those working for The Man do not have.

Perhaps I need to go and find out if my fear voices are correct – do I need to work my old career again – or does this spur me to pursue a different path…time will tell.


3 thoughts on “Oh..those curve balls to rejoin the rat race

  1. 1. You can’t beat recruitment agents for their ability to impart a sense of their anxiety, urgency and busyness.

    2. Anytime you feel that you lack purpose or identity you know you can bury the worry under a big pile of somebody else’s idea of your purpose and identity.

    3. The digital satanic mills demand absolute commitment to the CEO’s (many) anxieties.

    4. There will be no time for reflection or distraction.

    5. The distraction and reflection is your life.

    All things that I remind myself of when I feel the need to “do something” for a reason I can’t quite put my finger on 😉

    • 1. Well, they are on commission and it is in their interest for you to take the job.
      2. I do lack purpose at times, I am not a couch-potato and need something to occupy my time – my brain buzzes. By not conforming to the ‘norm’, I have to find my purpose in other things – a personal challenge there!
      3. LOL – my old workmate was tell me her work woes, it made me feel glad that I’m not there, out of those satanic mills.

      Part of this new found freedom is learning to adapt and change to a new way of life. There is always that niggling doubt that the Honey Pot is not enough – something TEA has commented on in the past.


  2. Hi Sparklebee

    Just catching up on your various posts – looks like you are enjoying your freedom and have been able to catch up and do lots of things you were previously unable to do due to work commitments.

    Your comment about not having friends was interesting – maintaining friendships is something that I try very hard at, more so now as I strive towards FI. It’s never too late to make new friends, eg joining a club or society or even getting to know people in the local community. If you are able to attend the UK FI/PF meeting that Huw is planning down south later in the year, there’s another opportunity to connect and make new friends! A couple of years ago, I decided to start talking to the nameless people who stood next to me week in week out at the gym and who I only said ‘hello’ to. Now I count them among my closest friends!

    It will be interesting to see if you end up going back to your old career – I’m sure you are aware that short-term contracts can be just as stressful as full time roles but I guess you need to weigh up the need to work vs ensuring you have enough funds in your ‘honey pot’.

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