Sunny times

What weather! I am so glad I have picked this summer to step out of the hamster wheel and escape the rat race. I have been receiving emails from agents offering work, I have politely ignored at the moment. If/when I do rejoin then it is likely to be as an IT contractor. Which will mean I will need to setup a company to do so, I am holding off at the moment.

If I had been in work, I would be sitting in a very hot office (as the ECO building can’t cope with excessive heat) and based on the comments from my ex work colleague, I would be doing an overnight shift to get the project I was working on completed — 12 hour shift anyone? Also – the roadworks along my commuting route have increased and my journey would have been terribly slow queuing traffic most of the journey in either direction, based on the traffic reports from those well-known live traffic sites, it would have doubled my commute time.

It was my birthday this week so I have been able to met up with my family and have a great day — full of cake and chocolates — and relax in the sun. I have actually been able to use my garden table & chairs and sit outside and relax. Normally meeting up with my family is hard as we all have different working hours, my flexibility has meant that I can actually slot into their schedules. I have cut down on my cycle trips this week as the temperature rises. I’ve been going for short walks instead and pottering around the garden during the early morning and late afternoon/evening. I don’t feel too bad about that and am not beating myself up about this drop in exercise levels this week.

I have managed to get quite a few things on my ‘to-do’ list completed and with all this good weather I have made my own ice-cream coolers (banana & yogurt ice lollies!) enjoyed straight from the freezer! My food bills are going down (slowly) and I am enjoying making more of my own food and savoring my lunches rather than rushing them down and getting back to work. I am walking & cycling rather than using the car to get around wherever possible, even with my holiday travel last month to Scotland, I have reduced my car expenses this month by a significant amount.

I have just been looking at my finances and even though I have not had a salary for over a month now, my net worth has increased and for the YTD it is now standing at 10% according to MoneyStepper’s Net Worth spreadsheet. I still have a few expenses to settle from my holiday and although I have these to pay my expenses have been 30% less than my monthly budget figure. This is good news as my calculations show that I was 8% away from my HoneyPot target. If I can reduce my annual expenses down by 8% or more then I don’t need to worry about getting a job that quickly.

I am looking at other options for making money rather than having to do my old role and will be trying different ideas out over the coming months to see what works.


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