Freedom: A month on

It’s been a strange and very quick month since I walked away from my job and into a period of freedom.

I received my last pay 3 weeks ago and I have a bit more than I expected. I have already seen a drop in travel expenses, no commuting. I have also been able to enjoy the good weather and started walking and cycling everywhere locally to reduce my use of the car.

I have just returned from a really relaxing holiday in Scotland (same area that Ermine visited recently – I recognize locations from the pictures he posted). We had rented a cottage and spent the whole 2 weeks walking and cycling (hired bikes – so a bit of an expense!). The wildlife count was spectacular : Osprey, Roe deer, Red squirrels, Mountain hares, Herons, Buzzards & Woodpeckers. The car sat quietly just being used to get us up there and back. My partner says that I was the most relaxed I have ever been while on holiday. I really needed the break and thinking back to this time last year, I was going through the turmoil of company sale and everyone wasn’t sure if we would have jobs – as it panned out, we didn’t.


Now I have returned from my holiday, I am now having to occupy my day, at the moment this involves chores around the house and going for bike rides. I am trying to improve my health as I was getting headaches and possible panic attacks just before I gave up work. I will continue for a few more weeks before going and getting my blood pressure checked at the Docs. It has been high due to all the stresses I have been under in the past year and I want to see if the freedom and the increase in exercise has made a difference.

I still check LinkedIn and a job is advertised that maybe of interest! LOL… I should be enjoying my freedom – but I get the pangs of being in a job – its the social conditioning we are all under.

I have queried with the agent, waiting for a response. I am also getting queries from agents, they have probably heard on the grapevine that I maybe available. I should really be looking to have time away from the work environment. I have some unpaid volunteering work lined up for the end of July so I need to relax and concentrate on utilizing my time well between now and then.

I am going through my paperwork, getting rid of old rubbish and also checking out all my expenses to see where my costs are dropping and where they may increase. I have my tax return info to get together too. Once this month is over, I can see what is left of my last pay and also can start to see what my true monthly expenses will be and where I will draw the income source from – cash or equities. I have some dividends due in August which will cover that month’s expenses.


2 thoughts on “Freedom: A month on

  1. That holiday in Scotland sounds fantastic but coming home seems to have woken up a bit of the stress that work brings even if you are not actually in a job at the moment? Don’t let the work ethic get to you – if it helps just pretend you are still on an extended holiday but taking it at home and give yourself permission to enjoy it 🙂

    • Hi Cerridwen,
      Yes, the work demons are trying to strike back 🙂 . I am a workaholic and after spending so much of my time at the call of employers, (24/7 at times), I realise I am feeling guilty for not working. Its the social pressures that have been ingrained in me. People seem to look at you strangely if you are working age and say you are not working and not looking for work. Some think I am a lottery winner as they cannot understand how I can give up a job! I have recruitment agents on Linkedin contacting me offering me work, which I am just ignoring.

      I have focused all my time on my holiday now it is over, the bubble has burst. I have started cycling every other day as part of a fitness plan.

      I have started looking at my expenses; I am enjoying cooking and have started making my own yogurt and breads. My friend says I am turning into a ‘mother earth’ type because of my home baking.

      I took some money out of the ATM on my way back from my holiday and its still in my purse! If I had been working, that would have gone by now – spent on drinks and lunches at work. The current weather is helping me to ‘switch off’ as I just sit out in the sun lapping up the warmth.
      I have some volunteer work to do at the end of July which will help to give me an outlet and meet some new people.

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