First week out of the Office

Well, the saying – “how did I ever have time to work” – springs to mind.

This week I have been sorting out my BTL, painting and sorting some of the issues before the new tenant moves in. Had a tree surgeon round to quote for work on a tree at my BTL – I didnt know but the tree is under a TPO – so I have to get council approval before I can do any work on the tree. Its quite damaged from the strong winds the other week and needs attention to tidy it up and make it more presentable as the tree is in an open space at the front of the property, the neighbour has complained –  under the deeds, I am responsible for it. 😦

With all this sunny weather I have caught up on all those odd-jobs I should have done on my own house too. Plenty more to do too.

At the moment, I am living off my salary from last month and I am getting everything sorted so that I can have a few months off before considering any new work – whatever that is?

I have already started to get calls & emails from recruitment agents – I guess some have heard I have left and they will probably be trying to fill the gap I have created after my escape, so they are trying to find out what I am doing too, extra commission! These will be contract jobs based on the agents who have called; looking at the permanent roles going, the salaries are dropping all the time. I have seen a reasonably interesting perm job – about a 45 minute commute and its paying 20% less than my last job!

Unless I take a contract role, it looks like I have no choice but to take a drop in pay if I went back to doing my last profession. If I want to earn equal or more than my last role as a permanent employee, I would have to apply for the next level up the ladder – not a role that excites me. The job market is favouring the employer. There must be plenty of competion around for these roles – supply and demand at play.

Being out of the Office and away from The Man for a while may do me some good. I just need to keep an eye on my spending and look at ways of earning some cash. When you look at most other FI escapees they havent really escaped, they have other income streams on the go and are looking at ways of making them fit into their new working profile. At the moment, I have income from investments and my BTL, something else is required and I need to look at options to supplement this income.

In the short-term, I am going to enjoy the good weather and get my bicycle into working order and get out there and cycle and enjoy the summer and the freedom. Improving my health and getting some outdoor air will be great. I am already feeling the difference from being in the Office cell. My eyes are already feeling better and the DIY and walking I am doing will help to get me fit. My headaches and general ‘stress’ signs have already disappeared.

I am looking at a few online courses to see if there is something of interest to open my mind up and get those creative thoughts flowing again and wake up from the stupor I have been in for the past few years – or even decades – lol.


2 thoughts on “First week out of the Office

  1. Congratulations on your escape!

    The summer is yours and you sound as if you have some excellent plans for enjoying it. 🙂

    • Hi Cerridwen,

      Thanks, my escape is just beginning to sink in, I do have plenty of plans.
      It was also a surprising week as the cash in my purse was still there at the end. If I have been at work I would have spent this. Instead I have been cooking more and enjoying ever minute of it. I have completed two great bike rides this week, one over 21 miles and the other over 23 miles. I want to get my exercise plan in place. I am hoping to feel the benefits by the end of the summer.
      Just need more sunny days – the veg/salad I’ve sown is starting to grow too, so savings to be had all summer. It will be interesting to see how drawing down on my honey pot will go and what affect this will have on me.
      I think I am awaking from a stupor that had numbed by senses for too long. 🙂

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