When to pull the trigger? ….NOW…

I have started another working week feeling like I need to resign. I am getting what I think are panic attacks – tightness in the chest, headaches and neck muscle issues. I take a few painkiller and soldier on through the day as soon as 5pm ticks over I join the rest of the office crowd running for the door – I’m not joking there either! As soon as I think of leaving this feeling goes away – my body is trying to tell me something!

So – after starting the week and the feeling continue to grow – I decided that was it!  I pulled the trigger today. I quit my job, I am now waiting to see whether I have to work my notice or not – its only 1 weeks notice so by next Friday at the latest I will be free.

I am planning on having a few months off and then considering what to do. I dont have any side hustles at the moment, I am 92% towards my FI target so with some canny budgeting I am sure I could make it through for a while. I can’t see me being a full-time retiree yet unless I become completely unemployable or health really goes downhill.

I am wondering whether to do some contracting work later in the year to top up the honey pot every so often but at the moment my mindset is so lacking confidence. I am not sure I could fight my way out of a paperbag….says something about my state of mind.

A total break is required, I should stop worrying and take time out. That’s what the honey pot is for, to give me some freedom from the office treadmill and some thinking time so I can decide what to do next…

Time to start looking for a new adventure…


8 thoughts on “When to pull the trigger? ….NOW…

  1. Take some deep breathes, take some time, relax and enjoy the sunshine for the next few weeks and then see where you are. 92% is near as damn it. Take care 🙂

    • Thanks Cerridwen. It’s a break I have needed for a while. It’s good to know I have the honey pot to back me up, while I have some well deserved rest and leisure time after so many years of hard work and stresses.

  2. Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll look back on this being a fantastic decision. If you’re 92% there then you should be in no rush to start contracting. Maybe you can scale down your expenses by 8% instead?!

    If I were you I’d consider something radically different from what you are currently doing. Part time work for an NGO perhaps if you feel the need to be bringing home some bacon? Contracting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – I found being on a daily rate with no benefits meant I loathed taking time off….the promise of another days $ becomes obsessively appealing if you’re not careful!

    Enjoy the spring and summer….I am very jealous!

    • Thanks UTMT,
      Getting out of the last job was the right move. It just wasn’t working for me at all. I stuck it out for 6 months and I was going nowhere fast other than towards some kind of meltdown. I was looking at the outside world thinking – I need some of that. Yes, I am looking at my expenses and how I can reduce them to make up the difference. I have already noticed the extra money in my pocket 🙂

      Contracting like everything has its pros and cons. I have worked with people who love it and those who hate it. Its down to what your expectations are. Someone said you can get so hooked on the money that you forget that life is more than just generating money – its enjoying experiences and gaining some fun while working where you can. Others love it and don’t worry about the time off they take between jobs and the right employers are not worried by their employment gaps. If anything, they too are jealous of the flexibility.

      I intend enjoying the spring/summer and see how I feel – a new target for me – reducing my expenses by 8%! Nice one. Thanks again.

  3. I echo Cerridwen’s comments. Take some time out, get away from everything, relax and enjoy some ‘you’ time. Maybe go somewhere which will be a total change of scenery and routine from what you have been doing to re-energise yourself.

    Your goal line is in sight – you’re pretty much there!

    • Thanks Weenie. I have some volunteering lined up and some ‘me time’. I have a mix of personal work and pure hobbies in the pipeline. If some turn into a side hustle that would be good, if not then stepping back into the ring is a possibility to top up my cash.
      Now I am leaving, everyone is coming up and telling me how they will miss me and how much good work I have done. I am not feeling guilty though, this is my time to have a break. I am just a number to the bosses.

  4. Well done – no job is worth taking a health hit for. And summer is round the corner – it’s a good time to take some R&R!

    Be kind to yourself, do things for you, get out into the outdoors, take the time to get perspective – probably months rather than weeks. There’s time for you to review things in the Autumn as to what is right for you in terms of earning if at all.

    Above all congratulations on having the courage to pull the switch for the sake our your health and well-being. Bravo – enjoy the break and best wishes to feeling better!

    • Oh yes, some R&R and summer off has been a thought since the beginning of the year. I am thinking weeks but as you say months maybe more like it. Thank you Ermine, wise words here.

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