April – progress report

I thought I would have a quick look at how I’m doing with my monthly targets, especially as I have just been paid.

Net Worth (since Jan): +8.2%

Monthly Savings Rate: 64%

That’s not bad, I could do with trying to up my SR if I can, I may invest extra into my NISA. Although I may keep this back as I need to spend some money on servicing my car. I have had some good news too, other than a win on the premium bonds – only a small amount! I have a new tenant for my BTL, they have passed the financial checks and likely to move in a month after the old tenant moves out. So I will have a gap in rental income next month but it should pick up and run for the rental term.

I am also targetting my food bill this month and trying to keep it down. Food costs have been my weakness up to now. I have planted some salad and veg seeds in my garden so hopefully I can get some free food this summer to help with food bills later on this year.

Meanwhile I will continue to calculate how much I have and whether I am ‘there yet’? I could do with getting out of my job and may just pull the trigger have some time off then look for a new job in a few months. I have read posts by a few other FIers who have done the same thing, so this becomes a semi-retirement rather than a full on ‘never work again’ version.

I dont think my investments actually earn the growth rates that some seem to think they should? I need to create a spreadsheet to track the index value increases. I would then need to look at how I would identify those to sell to obtain the SWR.

I will look through some of the blog posts on other sites for advise on how they calculate returns and if my current investments are actually achieving them. I am not sure if a lot of my increase in net worth is more down to saved income than passive forms. I few of my annual tax-free savings accounts paid out this month which skews the income values for this month giving me a reasonable increase for the month as a whole.


4 thoughts on “April – progress report

  1. Great savings rate and great news about the new tenant for your BTL.

    As for working out how you are doing on your porfolio, have you checked out Monevator’s post – http://monevator.com/how-to-unitize-your-portfolio/comment-page-1/#comments

    I thought it was well worth the read and am now using it to track my own portfolio as I didn’t have a clue if my pot was just increasing due to the cash I was pumping in. Fortunately, there is growth beyond saved income!

    Good luck in working it out for your trackers!

  2. Good news on the new tenant and on that saving rate – well done!.

    I use the portfolio tool on Trustnet, which is free of charge. It tracks the progress of each fund, as well as that of your whole portfolio, so you can see profit/gain independent of you making buys. You can’t actually enter sales so that can skew things slightly.

    weenie’s suggestion of Monevator’s method would be the most accurate though. Good luck with this. 🙂

    • Thanks Cerridwen. Its a phew moment on the new tenant as it means my void will be short. I am trying hard to save as much as I can and also move any spare cash from poor savings accounts into investments where they will grow.

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