April – wow – this year is flying…

I can’t believe its April, only 8 weeks to go until my holiday. So looking forward to it, the final payment for the holiday was taken this month so my saving rate will be down.

I am not doing too badly, I am focused on expenses this month and reducing costs. I am trying to keep my grocery spending down and also trying to up my exercise routine. I have a kettlebell – so exercise at home rather than at an expensive class. I cycle – did another 21 mile training circuit today. I also walk to the shops to buy my food. My only vice is paying £6 for a gym session once a week with my old workmate. Its a chance for some social time and chat. Its cheaper that a social meet at a cafe/pub/restaurant!

I have also been working hard on the garden this weekend. I have planted up some lettuce and veggies. I want to grow my own food again this year. This will help to cut my groceries costs down and also give me something rewarding to do over the summer months.

Looking at my figures in the MoneyStepper spreadsheet, my net worth has grown 7% from the beginning of the year. My savings rate is over 60% so I can be quite pleased with progress. Nearer to escape from the prison!! So need to escape, may do so and look to take the summer off then look again for some work later on in the year.

This great weather is inspiring my to get out there and escape the prison.


One thought on “April – wow – this year is flying…

  1. I agree… where on earth has the year gone!? It will be half way through before we know it.

    I am planting some veggies this year as well so we’ll see how that goes. It’s the first summer I’ve ever had a proper garden to do so it could turn out to be a disaster 🙂

    60% is awesome, keep up the good work!

    Where are you off to on holidays?

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