Isn’t HMRC great!! (NOT!)

I’m writing this post while waiting on the phone to get through to the HMRC – I’ve only been queuing for 20minutes so far. The call centre closes as 8pm so I guess I will get the – “sorry we are now closed, please call again”. In the meantime they will have earnt money out of my call!!! No free phone numbers there! stitch up the tax payer when they ring to complain about something being incorrect. Private companies have been told to stop making money out of customer service calls.

I guess I will need to fill in the online form to try and get my tax code sorted. They have sent me a new code for this tax year and its wrong, its BR when it should be something else as my salary makes me a high rate taxpayer. Given that I am seriously thinking about chucking my job as I feel so disillusioned with it, maybe I should let it be?

It’s now 43 minutes and I still haven’t spoken to anyone yet! I get the feeling that their advisors have already given up for the evening and I am just earning money for HMRC by hanging on the call….AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Tax doesnt have to be taxing”  Ho,Ho,Ho….


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