March – Update

This month, like ermine I received an NS&I statement for my indexed linked savings. As he says, the returns are looking pretty poor, maybe I am better moving the money. A decision I will have to monitor and look at later on this year. In the meantime I will let it continue to tick over slowly.

Using MoneyStepper’s sheet, my net worth has dropped 2% this month due to the stock market fluctuations, from 8% to 6% YTD. That is the part of FI that worries me in semi-retirement. What if the market goes through the floor. I have a reasonable cash pot to draw on – which is obviously losing its value due to inflation but would support me for a while, giving the market some time to recover.

I topped up my share holdings this month by buying some National Grid shares. The price has dropped so didnt time the market right but as long-term holds, they should pick up.

This month my dividends were very poor too so not a good month for passive income. My last rental income will come in next month as my tenant leaves so I need to get the place re-let ASAP.

My expenses have been greater this month due to car costs and birthday gifts for family. Again, summing all this up I have managed a 60% savings rate this month which is impressive for me. I want to keep this high so I can think about leaving the office job (its still not going well – another story). I have tried to compensate this month by lowering my groceries bill and have come in under my normal budget so this helps to offset the car costs a bit (not much!). I will continue to target the same spend next month too for my groceries.

I am still on the edge – do I pull the trigger and leave my job or stay – with my net worth dropping I wonder if this is one of those ‘tests’ that measure your stamina and FI strength and resolve.

I have also joined the BT mobile conversion. It may not be the best deal on the market.  But I have been annoyed with different suppliers to get the very cheapest deal for phone and internet and then had to play phone tennis between them when something goes wrong, so I have a bundled deal and now that BT do mobile for £5 I have saved £20 per month – yes, I was paying £25 a month for a mobile (bad bad FIer) and I should have got a better mobile deal earlier – but I was waiting for the EE purchase to pan out before moving mobile supplier (as they were the cheapest on my last deal search). I have been pushing the monthly fee down with my current provider and they offered me a £10 monthly deal match to keep me – but I’m gone for now. I will review in a year.


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