Is this an April Fool?

I arrived home from work today to find a nice brown envelope from the HMRC waiting for me – oh no – what’s this?

On opening, its my new PAYE code for the next tax year – except it is WRONG!! big time wrong!!! They have decided that I am now a basic rate tax payer – which unless they have already made me semi-retired – I’m not.

My basic salary is over the higher rate tax threshold so I am quite obviously a high-rate tax payer. So I guess I am back on the phone to the HMRC for over 30mins to get them to correct the code!  After the previous incident where they decided I had two salary incomes from the same employer! I dont want to underpay and then get a big bill at the end of the next tax year.


2 thoughts on “Is this an April Fool?

  1. oooh not cool HMRC. But at least you didn’t get 6 different tax codes over the last few weeks like Early Retirement Guy got! What a JOKE!

  2. Ouch! I have received 3 different codes – feel for ERG.. HMRC had me down as doing the same job TWICE once – so were taxing me as though I was earning double my actual salary.

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