My plan for the future

I have started to consider what I want to do when I am free of the office jail. (It really does feel like a jail) – I am not sure if I have blogged this before but the office I work in is an eco building.

That in principle sounds great and it is, but it has these computer controlled automatic shutters on the windows – which when they grind into action shuts out the light like some kind of security doors – it just needs the pulsing alarm lights and siren to make you feel like you have been imprisoned in the employers office for the day. It reminds me of the original Total Recall film when the zone doors and air units are shutdown. It is quite oppressive, floor to ceiling windows, sealed by metal automatic shutters that block out the view of the world, creating a windowless dark box of worker drones.

So, with that in mind I have started to wonder what I could do when I am free. My ticket to freedom needs to be printed and used!!!


I suddenly started to get the ‘Eureka’ moment the other day. I can start drawing and print making again. Why might you say?

Well, my first degree was in Art; I studied sculpture, print making, drawing, photography and my original plan was to get a job in the Art field. As I neared graduation I realised that job opportunities were slim and also very low paid. So I cross-trained by completing my second degree in IT.

I then thought I would get a job work hard, stash loads of cash then use that to fund my art. The only problem, the IT job took over all my time, even my ‘non-work’ time (out of hours escalation 😦 ) and I was tired and lacked the energy to do any art. Part of the example of lifestyle inflation, other things took over and my art interested petered out to nothing.

I now long to restart my art. I have been looking in all the quirky independant shops where they sell cards and gift wrap. I could do that, produce gift/post cards, wraps, prints and pictures that could be sold. I have started to research printing and print companies that can reproduce limited editions and card runs.

I know this will not make loads of money, but that is what my “Honey Pot” is for, that provides my baseline income stream to keep me going. My art adventures would be the icing and the side hustle. The less pressure on the side hustle the less the creative mental blocks there will be. There is nothing more soul destroying than ‘artist’s block’ which is caused by the knowledge that you must make good designs that will create income. That’s why you hear of all those musicians who appear with a big hit single or album then disappear because they get ‘mental block’ and cannot get in the zone and produce that second album.

My sketchbooks are out, my camera poised and my fresh artistic eyes and mind are now starting to look at the world in a different light.

If money does become an issue, I could always jump back into a ‘office box’ to do some work but after years inside the jail, I now feel I need to be out in the light and the environment.

As you can see the fresh thoughts and ideas are now starting to flood in and replace those heavy dragging thoughts of ‘office drudge’ and the work slavery that has snared me up to now. I have started researching way to market. Someone I know is selling commissioned paintings via facebook. She is getting at least 3 commissions per month – which is pretty good. It is not enough for her to give up her day job though.

These are all starting points. The light is begining to grow brighter and the escape from the ‘office jail’ becomes nearer and viable.


6 thoughts on “My plan for the future

  1. SB – I recently discovered….a shop window for artisans to sell online to the entire world…and get themselves a side income doing what they love….I bought some (small) art from a lady in Scotland using this and it worked really well…unique stuff and good value…if you haven’t already done so, you should check it out

    • Thanks TEA, I am aware of esty already. I have bought things off this site in the past. The other site I am aware of is notonthehighstreet, I have bought items off sellers on this site too with good results.

  2. Hi – it sounds like you have a plan 🙂 I’m sure the market for original art and craft will only keep growing. Good luck and keep us posted

  3. My advice would be to just go for it. I’ve got a few side hustles that have evolved out of my hobbies. Not only is it good for the soul to feed your passions/hobbies but quite often it can turn into a nice little income stream. Don’t wait until you’re free…start now!

  4. Nice motivational post!

    I’ve recently inherited a piano and with a bit of juggling of commitments have found time to play and it’s been awesome to just lose yourself for 30 mins, and hour, two hours….

    Mr Z

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