March – spring begins

March already, the year seems to just fly by.

Some spring cleaning on my investments is due.

I have decided to buy some shares in National Grid this month. I have been pondering a purchase for a while but the price seemed high due to all the media recommendations to buy pushing up the price. I need to diversify my portfolio as I hold too much of one stock (shares from share saves and options from an old employer).

So I now have 60 shares which will provide a small dividend later this year. The money for this purchase came from the dividends I received last month. The rest has gone towards paying a fixed amount off my BTL mortgage capital.

I am not sure if that was a wise thing, I am sure there are a few FIers out there who think this is a stupid thing to do – but I have an adversion to debt in whatever form it is. I would rather save and own something outright that leverage debt. I know where I stand then.

The tenancy is up for renewal so I am hoping that the current tenant wants to stay for another 6-12months, securing me some income for that period. The money I used to buy the BTL has so far earnt me more income that it would have as interest in a savings account. It also spreads my risks as I have an even split between property and stock investments.

I need to keep focused on building up my ‘honey pot’ as an FI Bee.

honeypot It will not grow bountiful and keep me sustained if I dont keep collecting the nectar and topping up the pot.


4 thoughts on “March – spring begins

  1. Good luck with your tenant renewing the contract. Ours is up next month too and I’m hoping she will sign again to prevent the hassle of having to find someone new. I don’t think she will though as she did tell us it was only a “stop gap” place when she moved in.

    • Fingers crossed with your renewal too. I am not sure what the situation is with my tenant. I let my agent sort all that out. I do know that they have family in the area so are likely to want to remain somewhere close. They are a young couple with 2yr old child. If they like the location, which they seem to up to now, they should stay until they have saved a deposit to buy somewhere else.

  2. Yes, good luck with the tenant renewing. Mine’s up in a few months time and I’m hoping he’ll sign up again, just to avoid my letting agents’ extra fees of finding a new tenant!

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