Paperwork for new employer pension arrived

My new paperwork has arrived to explain the contributions and the way the pension will run. It also comes with an online account so I can see how its performing and how much is being contributed.

I can even change the fund allocations easily. It all sounds ok, although how long I will be with my employer fluctuates from day-to-day based on the rollercoaster ride that is the office politics and management decision making that’s going on.

My work colleague left yesterday (he was a contractor) so his contract has ended and the management couldn’t give him a good offer to stay. i.e. they couldnt guarantee 3 months work. They only wanted to give him another 3 weeks! Ridiculous.

Some light reading over the weekend and also check my investments and post my monthly finishing point.

When I checked the other day – my Net worth had increased by 8% and my SR for Feb was 56%. Pretty happy with that.

Listening to a podcast on site by JL Collins. Talking on funds and how he made it and the mistakes he made along the way.

Interesting how I remember reading about my ancestors who were ‘self supporting’ in the census and it made me want to be like them. Today, that ‘self supporting’ title is better know as FI or self-employed or business owner.

Glad I am keeping up the family trait.


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