UK job environment

An interesting TV programme tonight on the workings of the ‘new self-employed’ job sector. Politicians are happy to spout about the employed and how great the UK is…..but its cloaking that actual situation, with jobs being low pay and ones that companies are exploiting to reduce or remove the need to play employer NI – which ultimately means these employees will not accrue enough NI to qualify for a full UK state pension – unless they realise that they havent contributed and that they add voluntary contributions to raise them to the qualifying 30 year minimum.

Read the article here.

I am now watching the equally amusing programme on Tescos. Now I have a vested interest in Tesco as I am a shareholder and wish to gain a nice steady dividend stream from them.

Tesco has lost its way and did so some time ago (I havent bought any Tesco shares for a while due to their poor handling). Its been quite a struggle for them and the culture in the company needs to change and they need to change tack and streamline themselves like other retailers at the moment.

News and comment from Sir Terry.

Its the giant company train, that rolls itself into a corner and then finds it very hard to move quickly to react to the changes that are happening in the market sector.

The accounting issue is a bad PR case for the company with the SFO vetting the books. Not good for shareholders such as myself.


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